Taiwanese Cuisine International Tour Lecture in STI College – General Santos

September 10, 2018

As part of the Tuna Festival Culinary Demonstration, the World Federation of Chinese Traders Association conducted a series of Taiwanese Cuisine International Tour Lecture in several schools in the city; with which, STI College – General Santos is included.

On September 2, 2018, over 50 chefs, students, and hobbyists in town participated in the event graced by the Ambassador of Taipei Economic and Cultural Office, Ambassador Michael Peiyung Hsu, and two Taiwanese food connoisseurs – Professor Steven Peng Chien-Chih, an Associate Professor at Dayeh University, Taiwan, and Chef Chuang Ching Feng, who specializes in Chinese, Japanese, and Western Common & Special Cuisine.


Showcasing Taiwanese culture with styles and basic techniques in culinary, Professor Chien-Chih and Chef Feng, assisted by STI College – General Santos’ very own US-trained chef, Chef Ronald Ferman, and two Hospitality Management freshmen students, Nelbert Panagiton, and Marfdion Cabahug, cooked 5-flavor Squid, 3-cup Tuna, and Crispy Egg with Braised Pork.

After witnessing the sumptuous sight of the food being delicately cooked, and the teasing smell of the ingredients being tossed in the cooking bowl, the participants each had the chance to satisfy their taste buds’ curiosity of a fusion of flavors they have yet to taste.

Through promoting such activities, STI College – General Santos hopes to bring forth a vast, real life learning environment; be the key to more doors of opportunity to its stakeholders and; be catalysts of cultural exchange.