The National TNT & TNS Experience in the Historic City of Vigan

March 8, 2018

Thriving in the local and cluster levels of Tagisan ng Talino meant a headway for the nine delegates from STI College – General Santos. A whole new adventure awaited them as they, together with the school coordinators, headed to the Historic City of Vigan, Ilocos Sur, for the nationals.

Before the competition proper, delegates from the nine clusters congregated at STI College – Vigan last March 1 for a welcome program; it was a solidarity day of some sort. They were provided the avenue to mingle and familiarize other delegates, and were even given the chance to showcase their singing abilities. STI College – General Santos’ very own Noli Seniedo Jr., who is vying for the top spot in the Tagisan ng Sining Shutter’s Best competition, was one of the ten who braved the stage and serenaded the hall with an OPM song.

The courage the delegates have shown on the first day did not compare to their dauntlessness on the day of the competition. Everyone had their game face on – more than ready to prove themselves.

In All in Place, Christine Anne Alemania, and Geraldine Lusuegro aced their table arrangement for a complex menu, with their keenness for accuracy, well enough for them to bring home the 1st runner-up title.

In Chef Xpress, Aljie Haider Pulalon, Ian Tupas, and Resty Jay Catipay, faced the challenge of making recipes for bagnet as the appetizer, fish as the main course, and papaya as the dessert. As per the judge coming from The Royal Carribbean Cruise, the recipes need not be entirely new; it just needed to be palatable, and most of all, interesting. The three surely did not disappoint with their Spicy Bagnet Cacciatore, Pan Seared Tuna with White and Lemon Sauce, and Cheesy Papaya Mousse.

In Essay Does It, James Louie Hallado produced an eye-opening write-up entitled Shattered Creativity of the Old, which emphasizes the difference between generations – of today’s generation’s refusal to immediately conform to existing norms.

In Travelogue, while giving substantial and interesting facts about the travel destinations – Thailand, and China – Jasel Mae Jaspe entertained the tourists with her different schemes, and with a song number.

In Worth the Whisk, Mary Feb Deleña designed a clean, well-iced two-tiered cake, manifesting her interpretation of the theme: freedom.

And in the first time in three years, among 65 entries, STI College – General Santos made it to the Top 10 in Tagisan ng Sining Shutter’s Best competition. The Top 10 had another round of on-the-spot photography in one of the well-known streets in Vigan, and from there the Top 3 were determined. Noli Seniedo Jr. captured a unique, and well-composed photo, exhibiting his understanding of the art of heritage, which led him to winning 1st runner up.

After the competition, a day was designated for a tour in Vigan. Everybody witnessed the Dancing Fountain at Plaza Salcedo; explored Baluarte, and several museums; experienced the Kalesa ride and; walked around Calle Crisologo.

While the competition was a platform for celebrating talents and skills, at the end of the day, camaraderie, teamwork, and sportsmanship are the most important values that needed to reign. More than just proving themselves, the delegates created a bond with each other, shared stories and experiences, and even discovered different things together.