The Dreamer behind the Hit Fictional Story

August 18, 2017

They say to become a good writer, one must read a lot. STI College – General Santos BS Information Technology alumnae, Mary Joy Llido, sure read a heap of books enough for her to be inspired to enter and explore the world of writing fiction stories. She is the dreamer behind the hit Wattpad-story-turned-television-series, The Nerdy Girl Turns into a Hottie Chick.

Mary Joy’s journey between the pages of books started when she was in high school. Apart from reading, she also has a penchant for collecting such. Finding herself being transported into a new dimension because of books, she felt the urge to try writing her own. And even when Mary Joy did not have the idea on how to write fiction, she managed to finish a few chapters until eventually a whole story. But it was no easy task. Writing is, after all, harder than it seems.

With the emergence of Wattpad – a website where one can read and share stories for free – Mary Joy found the opportunity to post her very first story. And much to her surprise, her brainchild, The Nerdy Girl Turns into a Hottie Chick, gained millions of readers! With this, Mary Joy realized her passion for writing fiction stories, and so continued making more to date.

She was, then, discovered by the Editor-In-Chief of LIB PastryBug, and was offered to be a part of the publishing company. Her story, The Nerdy Girl Turns into a Hottie Chick, was published and made available in National Bookstore outlets nationwide. Little did Mary Joy expect, there was more in store for her. She was informed by a television station about their desire to turn her story into a television series, and was even invited to do a cameo role. However, as much as she wanted to be a part of it, her studies still ranked number one in her set of priorities.

The readers’ love for the story translated into the series’ rating. The Nerdy Girl Turns into a Hottie Chick gained high ratings from its first airing which continued for the succeeding days. Mary Joy was overwhelmed with her story’s success; she couldn’t believe it inspired lots of people given the fact that it all just started with a mere thought of trying, and with a mere decision of posting it online. As she has inspired a lot of people, they, too, fueled her to keep pushing through.

Despite the phase of success Mary Joy has reached, she assures that

“Nothing has changed. I’m still a dreamer.”

Now, albeit not working as a fulltime writer, Mary Joy still makes sure to allot time for writing. While she is working as a Data Analyst in one of the well-known malls here in General Santos City by day, she is also working as a writer under the pen name mylovesberry by night. She wants to pursue what she has started and still dreams to achieve more; she is currently planning to submit her manuscripts in a certain Publishing company, hoping that she could be part of their team. It goes without saying that Mary Joy is mentally fit given the fact that her brain actively works out day and night, constantly exercising her critical thinking skills and her creativity.

She embodies the notion that nothing is indeed impossible. With just one move, no matter how big or small, this may take you to places you never thought you’d reach. According to Mary Joy, you just have to

“Never stop dreaming. Chase your dreams. Believe in yourself, and inspire others.”