Always on the Go

August 30, 2017

Nobody grows inside the confines of one’s comfort zone; if a person wants for great things to happen, then one must take the leap and step out. That’s what STI College – General Santos alumnae, Randy Dacayo, did.

Randy was once only limited to the walls he built himself – always dubious to the fact that he can make things possible. The thought that things will not be easy hindered him from his potentials until he finally decided to take a leap. Then and there he realized that there are no shortcuts and easy roads to anything worth having. Now, Randy is unstoppable and always on the go!

As it was his dream to teach and mold young learners, Randy became an International Lecturer of Business Computing & Inbound-Outbound Tourism, and also became one of the International Students Relation Officer at World Point Academy College of Tourism, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. He is also a part of PT. Philindo Mandiri Sejahtera Jaya, an institution in Cedar Tree International School Jakarta Indonesia, as an Education Consultant and Trainer at the Training and Teaching Department. At present time, Randy is working in an International BPO Company at Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia as Senior Customer Service Executive with professional pass and; he successfully completed the leadership training for System for Talent Appraisals and Rewards.

He also experienced being a guest speaker in the launching of a new program and advocacy of Pendidikan Anak Usia Dini (PAUD). The program aims to develop educational programs for Early Childhood Education directed towards uplifting the standards of the government and private schools. And as part of their campaign, Randy was given an opportunity to share his knowledge, skills, and experiences in the field of program development and curriculum enhancement.

All these and more were made possible as Randy believes that STI College – General Santos provided him the fundamental trainings and; taught him the necessary values and attitudes to be productive in whatever field he will land in the future. The institution, together with his roller coaster ride of experiences, molded him into becoming who he is right now: relentless, and always looking for something to look forward to.

This has led Randy to be awarded as the 2nd Local Distinguished Alumni of STI College – General Santos, which he thinks is his greatest accomplishment to date. With this award, he proved to himself that he can stand whatever it is that comes his way. He relates,

“What makes me stand out is my dedication and perseverance to bring honor to my alma mater. It is not planned, yet I am blessed to be recognized as distinguished alumni. It proves that any individual can and; is given an opportunity.”

Randy further persists to becoming the best version of himself and further dreams of doing something that would make a good and lasting impact in someone else’s life. His drive to inspire and contribute to other people’s lives is fueled by his passion, and the love that he has for his work. The once hesitant Randy has now grown to be a challenge seeker.

“Dream and never stop dreaming! Let your dreams push you to work hard and even harder. There is no easy way of reaching your goal, be ready to accept the challenges. The road may seem to be long, yet once you get there, it will be all worth the wait. Let all that you want to be in the future burn the candle in you. Dream, believe, pray and work hard to be the person you wanted to be. Don’t stop learning. An investment in knowledge always pays the best and no one can take it away from you.”