2nd CATEA Assembly: Boost Educational Resources and International Educational Exchange

April 23, 2018

Taking baby steps to attaining its visions as an alliance, China – ASEAN Tourism Education Alliance held its 2nd Annual Assembly last April 16. STI College – General Santos’ School Administrator, Ms. Roda B. Cabuga, together with the Academic Head, Engr. Ann Gilyn B. Premarion, flew to Guilin, China, to once again unite with other members of the alliance.

The assembly’s agenda included discussion and approval of the CATEA Charter; review of the 1st Annual Assembly; discussion of the Work Plan for 2018 and; panel discussions on China-ASEAN Tourism Education current status and outlook, interaction and cooperation between China-ASEAN Tourism industry and tourism education, and China-ASEAN Tourism Education community construction under Belt and Road Initiative.

Looking back, the members of the alliance congregated with one goal. That is, to build and sustain a stronghold of quality education. The alliance became the avenue for interaction of diverse cultures; a home for where ideas are free to converge and; a platform for boundless opportunities.

At present time, a few of the tasks at hand encompassed boosting of educational resources and international educational exchange of the academe and the personnel to advance interaction and cooperation among members. This will be done through hosting events; developing joint degree and non-degree educational programs of varied forms; setting up scholarship programs and; establishing mechanism amongst members that include but not limited to academic platforms.

With these, STI College – General Santos will be able to provide the students and the faculty a platform to discover more of their potentials – where leaders are molded, and where globally competent individuals are honed.